CHAMPS CAMP has come and gone! And… we survived! It was wonderful to see all of our fellow teammates. We love getting the chance to be together among all of USFSA’s top athletes for the season. We share the same dreams and goals, as well as some of the same fears and worries. Thankfully, everyone survived the altitude during their free skates/dances.

We received great feedback from the judges and officials. Minor tweaks need to be made to this season’s programs, but we are thrilled with the way we skated them this week. We have just a few weeks until our first international assignment. We are ECSTATIC to be going back to Germany for Nebelhorn Trophy. It is such a beautiful place to be. There’s a lovely short walk from the hotel to the rink. You pass through little shops and restaurants. Sometimes cows pass you along the way! The mountain view is gorgeous and the grass never looks greener.  Last year we both had homework to do while we had downtime, so we couldn’t explore as much as we wanted to. This year we are both finished with our degrees and have to opportunity to be curious if we want!

On Friday we leave to go to Florida for Skate for Hope! We attended Skate for Hope in Ohio earlier this year. We are beyond thrilled to be taking part in our second show with them. We both have some family that live in the area that are coming to watch. We will skate to our Aerosmith show program. The cast is full of great skaters. It’ll be a quick two day trip and we won’t get to be in the sun much… but training comes first. 😉

In other news: We got a dog! We now have a full house. Two cats, Scarlet & Muffy, and our beautiful girl dog, Cami. Women are taking over our family. 4 girls and ONE Chris! And some say “this is a man’s world…!” Haha! “Who run the world? GIRLS!” Thanks Beyoncé!

Bye for now friends,