Hey everyone!

We hope your summer has been going well. We’ve been having a very adventurous summer handling whatever the universe sends our way! It’s been very unpredictable. 😉

This past week we traveled to Milwaukee for Skate Milwaukee. We attended last year and liked the vibe of the event. We wanted to see how our new programs felt in a different environment. Things always feel like they work until you’re put into a different setting. You are able to see things from a different light. Some things that look great at home may not look as impactful when there are nerves/different rink size etc. and vice versa. We competed both our short and free program watered down. We were proud of how they were executed and now have a gage of where we are in terms of building for the Grand Prix circuit.

We are THRILLED with our invitations to compete at Skate America and NHK. This will be our second Skate America. It’s going to be a great event with really strong skaters attending. If anyone can travel to Milwaukee for the competition, you should start buying your tickets now!

Our first grand prix together was at NHK in 2012. We haven’t been back since then. Below are the “throw back” youtube links to those performances. We loved that competition and it has a special place in our hearts.

In other news….

We’ve officially set our wedding date! We are getting married on June 26, 2016. The count down has begun!

Take care,