It’s one of the most exciting times of each season! New programs! It’s our favorite time of the season because as a skater you start to realize how much you’ve grown since the previous season. Working with Julie again was empowering. The movements and connecting steps are something that we would not have been able to do last year. Each season builds you and prepares you for the next. It’s important to continuously step outside your comfort zone in order to grow. One decision we are making a conscious effort in is not choosing the same style of music season after season. We want to explore and see what suits us best. We hope to find our perfect genre by the 2018 season. Now is the time to experiment. Last season our short tango was a completely opposite choice of music from our An American in Paris program. This year we are happy to announce that our short and long are also different from last year’s programs.

We initially announced that we were keeping “El Tango de Roxanne.” However, we thought it was in our best interest to choose something else. Our new short is to Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters.” This choice of music was chosen back in November by us. There is a lot of meaning in the lyrics and the message of the song speaks to us. When we were in a dark place last season, we wanted to skate to this song. Julie advised us to trust the process and to not make any changes to our current programs. We listened to her and are forever grateful. Sticking to the process and plan allowed us to persevere and grow. Sometimes making a quick fix seems like the easiest and most practical thing to do. We learned that if we didn’t work through our struggles and conquer our fears, we wouldn’t have become champions. The short program music is cut very creatively. This program has an edgy side to it in which we are eager to explore.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age is the soundtrack for our free program. There are 5-6 different tracks used. Each piece of music relates to our journey last season and we have a story for each song. It is another very personal program for us. This program will require an immense amount of passion and power. We are ready to push ourselves to be among the top skaters in components. This program is mature and strong which is completely different from last season’s free skate.

Before we get started training our new programs we still have our end of the year vacation! We haven’t taken our time off yet because we wanted to do our choreography before our bodies turned into mush from laying in the sun!
See you after our cruise!